Physician's Medical Billing Inc. is a professional service bureau comprised of experienced individuals specializing in profitable and cost-effective A/R management of professional fee receivables.

Cost Structure:

Business with PMBI offers a unique opportunity for the medical provider to efficiently utilize full time professional billing experts with sophisticated computer hardware and well maintained processing software. Through sharing these resources, a provider recieves the benefits of a highly capitalized, high volume operation without the expense or leveraged indebtedness.


One of the sought after benefits of using PMBI is relinquishing the responsibility of maintaining trained and qualified staff through the ongoing cycle of vacations, sick days, time off and normal attrition while still maintaining a continuing operations and business cash flow.


Today's environment is continuing to place greater demands of the practice of medicine from all all angles. To remain profitable under these conditions, medical practices are looking to professionals such as PMBI to remove a complicated aspect of their operation from their daily focus. This allows the practice to concentrate their efforts on the high priority of daily patient care without an efficiency loss in their billing.

Maximum Revenue:

Maximum payment recovery is achieved through an effective combination of well designed automated software systems and hard working dedicated individuals giving attention to each billing detail.


Coordination of efforts is critical to any billing effort. PMBI develops a personal relationship with and becomes almost part of the staff of each medical practice. This communication is individually tailored to each office through dedicated personal representatives.

Facility And Overhead:

PMBI delivers additional cost benefits for medical providers by reducing requirements for high priced facility square footage, facility expansion, hardware, software, telephone, manuals, meetings, temporary staff and other miscellaneous expenses.

Cash Flow:

With PMBI's experience in applying current techniques through advanced systems, customers experience a dramatic improvement in their receivable turnaround time and enhancement of their collection amounts.


Successful business today follows the philosophy of "practice what you do well and support yourself with those that are successful in their business."

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